Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Getting Ready for Mes Amis-Vintage Antique Show

I am getting ready for Mes Amis-Vintage Antique Show (Mes Amis  ). 

I have been busy pricing and packing things, so I can fill up the trailer and leave tomorrow.  Here are a few of the things I have packed and will be bringing.

So busy and tired, but excited! 

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

VERY BAD to Gorgeous Empire Dresser

As you know I have a thing for dressers and have transformed many,  but this one was one of the worst I have seen.  When I spotted it at the Flea Market I immediately knew it had potential to be  a beauty.  Since it was in such bad shape I got it for next to nothing.

Getting ready to take off the chipped veneer



No back
When I got home with the dresser I almost took it right to the dump because it was so bad I wasn't sure I wanted to take it on.  I decided to just start and see how it went.  The top was the worst and so I started to scrape off the old chipped veneer.  Let me tell you-this is not a fun thing to do and it was not pretty.  I also stripped off the veneer on the one drawer.

No more chipped veneer
Even after I took off the veneer on the top it was ugly so I replaced the top with new wood.  I decided to mix up milk paint in MMS Kitchen Scale and got to painting.  I knew the chippiness would camouflage some of the issues and the dresser would just have character.  I sealed it with hemp oil/dark wax and stood back and was impressed with my self! I added large glass knobs from my stash and even this was not an easy thing.  I had to counter sink the nuts on the top drawers since they were super thick.  I also added wood to the back and the dresser was DONE!  

Gorgeous Tulips

New top-no chippiness, but not ugly anymore! 

New Knobs

This was quit a challenge for me, but so I am happy I was able to rescue this empire dresser! 

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Monday, September 15, 2014

Bar Cart-Red and Rusty

At the Flea Market I found this vintage rusty cart and I fell in love.  It was pretty grungy, but I knew it was halfway to beautiful.
I unloaded it from my car and then scrubbed all the dirt and grime off.  To make it keep its beautiful red color I brushed a very light coat of hemp oil on the cart.  Wow-it is a beauty! 

White Cake Stand

Painted pumpkin and rust

Ironstone and red=LOVE

Love the rust! 

Rusty handle

Love the wheels