Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Bold Bench

While visiting the Goodwill today I found this sturdy, but sad bench ( it was new with tags but dirty) and I snagged it and brought it home.  

I had some fabric in my closet that I have been wanting to use on a project and this was the perfect piece.  First thing I did was to unscrew the leg frame and paint it with white chalk paint.  I then sealed and aged it with dark wax and hemp oil.  After measuring the bench I cut the fabric and staped it on and attached the legs.  Loving it! 

The green here is brighter in the picture then real life

I love the X legs! 

On sale now! 

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Monday, July 21, 2014

Finds of the Week #15

Ikea finds

I had a fun and successful week of hunting and junking and here are my finds for the week:

6 Foot long buffet for my husbands new office

Love the shape and color of this painting 

Blue Ladies 

HUGE American Flag-for my husbands office

Love the greens in this bottle and tea  towel

Ladder that I though would look good chippy and with towels in a bathroom

Coffee table-for my husbands new office

4 chairs for my husbands new office

French Provincial Buffet

Love this bed!

Table for my husbands conference room in his new office

Gorgeous Birds Eye Maple Serpentine Dresser

Old oxen yoke
Love the patina on the wood

3 small cute frames


Not sure what I will use these for-but I had to have them! 

Silver--I am replacing all my silverware with real silver and this finishes out the bunch

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Saturday, July 19, 2014

4 Ladder Back Chairs with Rush Seats

I found these great ladder back chairs at the Flea Market and knew they had to come home with me. 
The chairs are very sturdy and in fairly good shape except I didn't like the wood or the fact that the rush seats were looking dingy.  I knew paint would take care of the dark wood issue, but what to do about the rush seats was my dilemma.  I decided to try using dark wax on them. 

I just used my brush and waxed the seats and they look new--another great use for dark wax! 
I painted the wood in a custom soft blue/aqua and sealed them with dark wax.  Painting chairs is NOT my favorite thing, but I love how they turned out. 

Rush seats looking new! 

Usually I like to wet distress and not use rough sandpaper that leaves scratches, but by the time I got to distressing the chairs I was over them so I went with what was easy and fast! 

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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Vintage Farm Green Dresser

I few Sundays ago I found this small dark dresser ( I can't find the before picture-arghhhh).  It had a glossy finish and a lot of scratches and was very dark brown.  I wanted to paint it a farm green so I got out my paints and stared mixing until I got the shade I was envisioning.  I made it into chalk paint and got busy.  The gorgeous hardware would not come off (each piece had 4 tiny screws and I could not get them off).  I used an old candle and waxed them. My thought was that when the paint got on them it wouldn't stick and I could scrape it off easily.  It worked!  After the paint dried I distressed and sealed it with dark wax and hemp oil. 

I love the green color so much I painted my new kitchen table too! 

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