Wednesday, September 2, 2015

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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Transforming a vintage chair for my desk

My office is in chaos since the remodel and I will have to get it organized soon.  In the meantime I needed a new comfy chair since the old one I had was pretty, but not good to sit in for very long.  
I found this vintage wooden chair at a yard sale about a week ago and it was in need of some paint, but comfy.  I pulled out a sample size of Robin's Egg Blue by Annie Sloane and painted the chair.  After two coats of blue, I distressed and sealed it with AS clear wax.  

I took photos before the wax was totally dry!  

The chair is working out well in my office and my back is thanking me! 

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Saturday, August 29, 2015

A Custom Dresser for a Baby Girl

Early in the week a client brought a dresser over that had been her mothers and she wanted it painted for her daughter-in-law who was about to have a baby.  
The colors for the new baby's room are green and white and she wanted the dresser to be updated and the Mom -to-be was going to use it as the changing table and for storage.  The DIL wanted the dresser white with some green and that was the only input I had, so I went for stripes! 

I pulled out my chalk paint in Marshmallow Cream and Green Acres from The Urban Rooster and painted the dresser in 3 coats of the white first. 

 To get a crisp bright green I mixed the green with some white and added a smidgen of bright yellow.  I taped the drawer fronts off using Frog Painters Tape and then painted the stripes in the bright green.  While the green was drying, I painted the pulls for the drawers.  The last steps were  distressing and sealing the dresser with AS clear wax.  
I had to take very quick photos because the dresser was being picked up right as I finished it.  

The dresser is being used at the baby shower to display the gifts

Distressing and stripes

Pink piggy and a Hydrangea 

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Chairs and Kids

Last week my daughter and her friends were hanging out and complaining about having nothing to do, so I encouraged them to paint with me.  I told them that if they each painted a chair I would help them sell them and they could keep all the money. If you know anything about 10 and 12 year olds you know money is of interest!  Since the chairs are all different but all have spindles, I suggested that they paint them in beachy colors and we could sell them as a set or individually. 


I pulled out a few colors that I had from  The Urban Rooster  and the girls got on old clothes and started to paint. 

After the paint was dried they wanted to distress the chairs, so I showed them how to use my electrical sander and sand the edges in the places the wear would naturally show.  I  let them distress by themselves and they did a great job! 

For the pictures, I let them stage the chairs themselves with just a little advice of keeping it simple with a POP. 

This chair was transformed by my 12 year old daughter

This aqua chair was transformed by a 12 year old 

This chair was transformed by a 10 year old and sold in about an hour! 

All the chairs sold within 2 days! 

I was very impressed with the girls and their paint jobs, distressing  and staging!