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Friday, October 24, 2014

Pair of French Chairs

On my weekly peruse of the local thrift stores I found this great pair of cane chairs from Thomasville.

It is difficult to tell from this photo, but the finish on the chairs was that dark brown/orange color with black speckles. I am not a huge fan of this finish and so the debate with myself was to either paint (easiest solution to a bad finsih) or strip the chairs to the natural wood.  I decided to go for the wood look with these chairs, so out came my Citrasolve and an old brush.  After a day of solvent on the chairs, I scraped the goo off and sanded the chairs down.  To seal the wood and give it a little more warmth I brushed on hemp oil and let it soak in to the wood.  The chairs are made from beautiful wood and I am liking the finish now.  
I have this dilemma with myself sometimes about reupholstering things.  Do I go with a bold colorful fabric that my heart tells me to go with, or do I go with a neutral to sell fast?  I decided on this pair to go with a neutral creamy white fabric that has texture.  Neutral won out today! 

Gorgeous legs! 

Perfect condition on the canning

Neutral  fabric

I did re-enforce the seats with webbing when I covered them

I am glad I decided to go with the wood look! 

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Lovely Desk

On my weekly searching for furniture I found this great desk and it had to come home with me.  

I love the lines of it and the hardware.  After a quick clean I mixed up some home made chalk paint in French Grey Linen by Benjamin Moore and got right to painting.  I used dark wax/hemp oil to seal and age the desk and then-Viola it was done! 

I love everything about this desk! 

Monday, October 20, 2014

Birds Eye Serpentine Dresser

While looking through Craigslist awhile back I found this great Birds Eye Maple dresser and snatched it up.


It was in pretty good shape and just needed to be cleaned, waxed and have the top attached again.  I did all those things and it is a beauty! 

I bought the dresser from an older lady who was moving and she told me the story behind it.  I love getting the story! Her husband ( who had since died) bought the dresser and it was painted in blue paint.  He took the time to remove all the blue paint, stain and seal it.  When you open the drawers you can still see a little of the blue.  She said they had it in their guest bedroom and it was well loved.  She was sad to see it go since her husband had re-fiished it and had loved it, but she could not take it to her new smaller home.  I thanked her for telling me the story and told her I would try to find a good home where it would be loved again. 
The Birds Eye Maple is stunning

Curvy Front

You can see a little of the old blue

I did find a good home with another grandmother who wanted in her guest bedroom that she was decorating for her small grandchildren.  

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Friday, October 17, 2014

Finds of the Week #23

I love to go find treasures and go junkin!  I go to the Flea Market, Thrift Stores and CL mostly.  Here are some of my finds for the past week.

My Daughter's name is Brayden and this large letter is perfect for her room-I will be painting it of course! 

Silver dish

Lovely old mirror 

Pair of Wooden Shoe Forms

Love the details on this mirror


I love this painting and it is now up in my dinning room

Great leather bag-I restored it with hemp oil 

Long bench-should I upholster it in a bold fabric or go neutral?

I love the legs

Pair of Berger style chairs 


Cute mirror