Monday, October 12, 2015

Chippy Milk painted Dresser

While perusing Craigslist the other day I found a great vintage dresser and snatched it up. 
The lady I bought the dresser from said that it was hand made and I loved the details.  When I find an old piece like this dresser I like to paint it in milk paint.  I had a few bags of Miss Mustard Seed milk paints that only had a little bit of powder left and I decided to mix them together to get a new color.  I had Flow Blue, Ironstone and a bit of Lucketts Green.  I knew together they would make a great aqua and I was not disappointed!  
After mixing up the MMS milk paint, I painted the dresser with 2 coats and let the chipping happen.  I wanted to sort of copy the original hand painted design on the middle drawer so I painted my own design with white chalk paint.  I scraped the dresser with a sparkle knife and the flakes came off.  The last step was to seal the dresser with Tung oil.  

My lopsided hand-painted design! 

Gorgeous Hardware

I love the legs! 

One of the pulls was missing the back plate, so I improvised and took the top back plates off and hand-painted a design instead. 

This dresser found a new home in a little girls room on the day it was painted. 
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Friday, October 9, 2015

Chalkboard Pumpkins and an old Window

With Fall in the air now and the pumpkin season upon us, I decided to make some chalkboard pumpkins.  
I found these faux pumpkins and decided they needed another look for Haollowwen, so I pulled out Starless Night by The Urban Rooster  and painted away.  After painting the pumpkins with 2 coats of the black chalky paint, I seasoned the chalk paint by rubbing chalk all over and then rubbing it off with a cloth.  This gave the pumpkins a smearing grey look.  I then decorated the chalkboard pumpkins.  

My daughter can now decorate them however she wants! 

I also created a chalkboard from an old window frame I found at the Flea Market.  I measured the frame, bought very thin plywood from the lumber store, painted it with Starless Night, seasoned it and wrote my October bucket-list items on it.  

Two different chalkboard projects! 

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Sunday, October 4, 2015

A Pair of French Chairs get a Skirt

Many months ago I found a pair of cane-backed Frenchy chairs and refinished  them. 

Before:                                                      After:

I sanded the chairs down and sealed and stained the wood with dark wax and hemp oil and tried to sell them, but no one was interested.  I put the chairs in the back of my workshop and pretty much just forgot about them. 

After reading Miss Mustard Seed's posts about making slip covers, I was inspired to make some too.  I remembered my chairs and I decided they  could use a cute skirted slip cover.  I can sew, but am definitely a beginner.  When I was a teenager I spent lots of time with my grandmother and she knew how to sew and taught me the basics during the summer months.  

I had a great crisp blue and white striped sheet that I had picked up and thought it would be perfect for the slip covers.  

I traced a circle on a piece of butcher paper that was a bit larger then the seats and had notches for the back  and then placed it on the fabric and cut.  I have never sewn a ruffle/pleat, but decided to give it a go. Hey, if Marian says it can be done then I am going for it!   I ripped a long strip of fabric and then hemmed one side for a clean edge.  The next step was to pleat and sew and pleat and sew.  It was surprisingly easy and pretty quick.  

I sewed the ruffle/pleat around the seat part and then sewed some ribbon on the back section for ties.  

I am very proud of myself and my amateur sewing skills!  

I love the natural wood 

Hydrangeas, Ironstone and a galvanized tray=LOVE 

I decided I liked the slip-covers kind of wrinkled and not ironed, so I left them that way. 

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Chippy Green Vintage Table

Awhile back I came across a very old side table that had a cracked mirrored top and gorgeous details and I had to have it.  
This is not the true before photo ( lost that with the recent  computer issues), but close.  When I found the table is was very dry and the top had a mirror with a chunk missing from it.  I popped out the mirror and replaced it with wood and then I used hemp oil to revive the wood and this is what it looked like.  It didn't sell dark like this, so I decided it needed a little color.  I pulled out Boxwood Green milk paint by Miss Mustard Seed and started mixing it up.  I painted the table with 2 coats and after it had dried, I scraped away the loose milk paint and fell in LOVE!  

Chippy Goodness!

The color is stunning and now the details POP! 
Gorgeous Details! 

Look at those amazing legs!

New Top