Thursday, July 10, 2014

Chippy Stool

I continue to have this thing about stools and I found this one at the Flea Market and had to have it. 
I wanted it chippy and aged so pulled out some MMS milk paint and did a random mixing of Blues and Ironstone.  I waxed the stool a little bit since it was dry wood and wanted chippiness.  After a few coats of paint I scraped the flakes off and sealed it with clear wax.  

Roses from my garden

What's not to love about a cute stool?


  1. Thank you Martina-I seem to be painting and buying a lot of stools recently!

  2. Perfect! I love the color and the fresh blooms on top.

  3. Darrielle, I so agreeeee!
    What's not to love here with your stool? I too have a stool thing, went to purchase one under $5.00 at goodwill....solid oak very cute, barstoolish and what sweet heavy delicate legs to it. Different then most oak stools, my daughter said mom we have enough, I don't want one next to my bed as a night stand lets do something different to the room....I can so kick myself for not getting it, I so know it would have painted up amazingly.

    You now have me even wishing more that I would have bought it? What was I thinking?
    Thank you for now adding that kick in the rear for not getting the stool, you would have loved it as well.


    1. Thanks Dore--stools are hard to pass up I agree-I bet you will find another one and love it. I love chippy stools and I have ether all over my house! Have a great weekend!

  4. Love it!!! I too have been loving the old chippy stools...So LOVELY :-)

    Hope your night is full of sweet dreams...