Thursday, November 20, 2014

Green Cabinet

You know me-always on the hunt for furniture to transform and paint.  I found this lovely at a local thrift store and of course brought it home. 

It was chippy, which I really like chippy, but this was not the good chippy.  I sanded the entire piece down to make it smooth.  

I wanted the top to be natural wood so I got out my chemicals and stripped the layers of paint off and finished it off with the sander. 

I sealed it with AS dark wax-it came out buttery smooth! 

I have been loving the color green right now so I mixed up a dark vintage green and painted the cabinet.  I didn't want it to stay that dark so I then mixed white with some of the green to lighten the shade.  I was hoping that the darker green would show through when I distressed.  The last step in this transformation was to seal it with dark wax/hemp oil. 

The cabinet is not this bright of a green-poor picture

You can see the white, the darker green and the wood  showing through in layers. 

Beautiful wood top

A local dealer, who likes to come picking for her shop in my workshop, snatched it up quickly and here is what it looks like in her space. 


  1. You've done a fabulous job. I love the color you picked to, so pretty.

  2. Thank you Robin-some of the picture show it really bright, but it is not that bright in real life-I need to edit better!

  3. ich liebe das grün!!!! danke für die inspirationen und einen schönen abend!!! lebe grüße von angie

  4. What a pretty piece and you know I love anything green!! Your friends display looks so pretty!

  5. thanks Martina-my pictures came out way too bright but I don't have time to go back and edit-darn!

  6. Darrielle, if I lived near you I would have fought that dealer (and won)...this is one of my favorites! Great shade of green.

    1. Thank you Marigene-It is a very nice green in person-my photos came out a little bright at times. I wish it could have been yours too!