Thursday, February 27, 2014

Apron Strings Desk

I have been waiting to find a small desk that I could paint in MMS Apron Strings milk paint.  I have done a few pieces in this color and I love it so much I was wanting to paint more.  I found this desk at the local Flea Market and knew it was coming home with me.

I sanded down the top because it was pretty gross and needed it, and then I waxed it with AS dark wax--I love the buttery finish the wax leaves.  I also did not like the fact the the two drawers had two knobs each so I filled in the holes with wood putting. 
I mixed up MMS Apron Strings and started to paint away.  I didn't really want it to chip this time so I added some bonding agent.  The last steps were to dark wax the entire desk and distress.  After drilling new holes in the drawers I added some glass knobs I had on hand.  

I love the old casters!

The top is so much better now!

Tiered tart pan stand I made 

What's not to love about a curved leg?

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Tiered Tart Pan Stand

I have seen tiered pie/tart pan stands for awhile  and I really like the way they look.  I was at a thrift store and found 3 vintage tart pans and 3 brass candle holders so the time was right to create.   I had to glue the tart pan bottoms to the sides first.  I took the 3 candle holders and painted them old white with chalk paint and then glued them  to the middle of each of the tart pans.  When I picked the stand  up it felt light so I glued a sliver tray to the bottom and I love how the lace edges of the sliver tray look.  I think this could be used for deserts or in a bathroom for hair stuff.  

I liked the bottoms of the candle holders

It makes me happy when the vision in my head turns out the way I wanted it too!  

I love the details on the bottom tart pan.  

The candle holders doing their job!
Tuesday, February 25, 2014

English Wardrobe

In the early years of my marriage we went over to England to visit my husbands Grandfather Joe who was 92.  We had a great time and  when our trip was over we shipped over his wardrobe to have for a keepsake.  We used it for many years and then it made its way out to our garage where it has sat for many years.  My husband wanted more space in the garage and wanted to get rid of the wardrobe.  The finish had started to go and it needed some help.  It was time for the wardrobe to have new look. I do not have a before a picture, sorry! 
    First I removed the doors and sanded them down and then waxed them with AS dark wax.    I painted the wardrobe old world white, but decided it needed more so I mixed up a foggy blue home made chalk paint and painted the sides and part of the front.  The next step was to distress and then clear wax the piece.  The inside details are pretty spectacular. 

Gorgeous floral details

Beautiful wood doors

Love the hardware--I have the original keys too!

Sundries--Love it!

This is where Grandpa Joe hung his trousers 


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Monday, February 24, 2014

Bread Board Chalkboard

This was a very quick and easy project.  I had this great bread board, but alas it had a crack in it so I didn't want to use it for cutting food.  I thought it would look good as a chalkboard, but I wanted to keep the wood look.  


I got out my chalkboard anything product and started to paint away.
I painted on the coating vertical and then let it dry (with the help of a blow dryer of course!).  I then painted it horizontal and let it dry.  When my daughter saw it in the kitchen she called  her dad at work and said we were having pulled pork sliders ( her favorite) and then she was disappointed when I told her I had just wrote that on the new chalkboard for pictures-LOL!

Here is the end result:

I love that I can write on it, but it stills has the warmth of the wood.

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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Birds Eye Beauty

I was driving to the beach to hang out and talk with one of my oldest friends and we drove by a yard sale and I saw a dresser out of the corner of my eye.   I made my friend stop because it looked good.  I had no cash, but luckily she did and we picked through  boxes of junk and made a pile on top of the dresser.  The seller gave me a great deal on all and we loaded the dresser and other stuff up into my SUV.  

Needed some work!

Major sanding!

The wood had the potential to be stunning and I knew I had some sanding in my future.  Beautiful Birds-Eye-Maple. 

I sanded the dresser down and then sealed it with MMS hemp oil and it turned out beautiful!!!!!!

Curved Drawers!

Love the patina!

Gold Mirror I found at the local Flea Market

Beautiful!  ( and I did not paint it!)

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