Thursday, October 30, 2014

Spellbound Dresser

While my daughter was at karate I popped into the local thrift store near by and found this ugly, but beautiful dresser!  


High Gloss

The dresser was old and had great bones (beautiful part), but the paint on it was very high gloss and an ugly brown/orange.  I of course loved it and bought it right away.  

My first thought was to strip the top down to natural wood and so I got out my paint stripping goo and started working. 



A) First layer of stripper                                
 B) Second layer of stripper ( you can see the next layer of paint)                   
C) Third layer of stripper  (layers of brown, yellow,green, tan paint)

Gooey scraped paint

After getting the paint off the top, I did a light sand and then sealed/stained the wood with AS dark wax.  I didn't want it to look perfect and so I left bits of paint so it would have character.  

I first painted a quick coat of white chalk paint on the dresser (it acts like a primer and I wanted hints of white to show through with distressing). I mixed up Spellbound by Benjamin Moore into chalk paint and painted away.  I hand painted the details in white and then distressed.  I like to distress with a scraper and get the chippy look on the edges.  To seal the dresser I used dark wax and hemp oil.   
I love that the original colors show through with the distressing

The dark wax aged the white 

Pretty knobs

Gorgeous legs

Detail on the back piece 

I love the dark wood-it was worth the work! 

I like seeing the paint in the wood-character!

Monday, October 27, 2014

My Visit and Purchase at Atelier De Campagne

My rusty crusty purchase! 

As you know I love  Atelier De Campagne and visiting them is a treat.  They had a small event with a few other venders at their business this weekend and I went with a friend.  

Everything is so beautiful and peaceful.

 Everything comes over in containers from Europe and when the new containers come with treasures it's stunning! 

I wish I could buy so many things! 

I so love the chippiness! 

Lovely old horse

This is one of my favorite pieces! 

I bought this rusty, crusty, chippy metal candle holder and love it!