Wednesday, November 26, 2014

White Washed Frenchy Table

I found this great wooden table on my hunt this week for treasures.  

It has great bones and is very sturdy even though it is delicate.  I thought it would look good with a natural top and the base either painted or just revamped with hemp oil.  I sanded down the top and sealed it with dark wax and hemp oil, but did not love the way it looked.  I started to paint the base in white chalk paint and then thought I would try wiping it off and see how that looked.  I wanted an aged/washed look.  It looked great and I decided to go with it.  I painted a section at a time and then wiped off the paint and it gave the table a driftwood/white wash look.  I did the same to the top too.  The table was then sealed with clear wax. 
The details pop now

Gorgeous legs

My favorite part of the table 

Flowers and Silver

I love how the paint stays in the crevices

Love Hydrangeas

I love the shape of the top

I think this table would look good in a foyer or entry way

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Aqua and Pinecone Garland

Since it is still November and Thanksgiving hasn't happened yet, I have not been willing to decorate for Christmas.  I am however thinking about it and in the mood to create for Christmas.  I wanted to make something that had a vintage yet beach feel since I live by the ocean.  I  picked up a box of aqua glass bulbs and some aqua pinecones at the local thrift store and decided to make a garland.  I also picked up some pinecones from the neighborhood.  
Love the colors and the texture

This was a very easy and simple project.  I hot  glued the pinecones and then just tied the glass ornaments on to bakers twine.  I love the colors together for a Rustic yet Blingy Beachy Christmas look. 

I love the different textures together

Here you can still see my pumpkins and gourds for Fall

I really like the colors all together

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Green Cabinet

You know me-always on the hunt for furniture to transform and paint.  I found this lovely at a local thrift store and of course brought it home. 

It was chippy, which I really like chippy, but this was not the good chippy.  I sanded the entire piece down to make it smooth.  

I wanted the top to be natural wood so I got out my chemicals and stripped the layers of paint off and finished it off with the sander. 

I sealed it with AS dark wax-it came out buttery smooth! 

I have been loving the color green right now so I mixed up a dark vintage green and painted the cabinet.  I didn't want it to stay that dark so I then mixed white with some of the green to lighten the shade.  I was hoping that the darker green would show through when I distressed.  The last step in this transformation was to seal it with dark wax/hemp oil. 

The cabinet is not this bright of a green-poor picture

You can see the white, the darker green and the wood  showing through in layers. 

Beautiful wood top

A local dealer, who likes to come picking for her shop in my workshop, snatched it up quickly and here is what it looks like in her space. 

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

White Vanity

I found this vanity at a thrift store many months ago and decided it was time to make it white.  

I first painted it  in a soft blue, but did not like it so I then painted it white hoping that when I distressed the white some of the blue would show through. I mixed up home-made chalk paint in Garlic Glove by Benjamin Moore and got to painting. . I was lucky and it did! I distressed the vanity and then sealed it with AS clear wax and added some new knobs. 

You can see some of the blue peeking through

Love the details-even if I forgot to close the drawer all the way-LOL! 

Gorgeous legs! 

Who doesn't like tarnished silver?