Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Finds of the Week #40

Pair of French Chairs

Plenty of junkin' going on around here lately!  I managed to make it to an estate sale, yard sale and the Flea Market.  Happy times for me!  

Christmas in June?  

Basket tote 

Loving the blue stripes! 

Pair of chippy architectural pieces 

If you follow me on Instagram you have seen some of these finds! 

I got this one painted a few days ago! 

Frenchy Table 

Cane Back Chair

Cute Harp Side Table 

Small Cane Bench 

Chest-on-chest Highboy dresser-LOVE! 

I bought 3 cement benches! 

Vintage Table Clothes 

More Vintage Table Clothes 
Enamel Contianer 

Vintage Chair 

Another chair-what was I thinking?  I might, sort of, have a chair problem!
Sunday, June 28, 2015

Peeks around the house and our Remodel

Buffet in the dining area 

We finished our a remodel/addition a few weeks ago and I have slowly started to unpack the "lovely" Pod in the driveway and decorate.  A few people have asked about how it is all going, so I thought I would share some peeks of the house.  
New Bathroom vanity and tub 


New Bed with a headboard made from 100 year old planks from the demo. of the house 

My Daughter's new Black and White Bedroom 

Living Room 

Chippy Lobster sign by the front door

I still have lots of unpacking to do and decorating, but al least I have a start! 
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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Smokey Ash French Provincial Nightstands

A few weeks back, I found this pair of French Provincial Nightstands at the Flea Market.  
The nightstands are well made by Stanley Furniture Co., but they needed a little care to be pretty again.  I pulled out Smokey Ash by  The Urban Rooster and got to town painting.  After two quick coats of paint, I sealed the nightstand with Tung oil and dark wax.  This grey color is a very pretty and warm and I love it. 

My pictures are not that great since I had a bout 5 mins to take them before the pair was picked up.  A buyer came for a dresser and wanted to know if I had any nightstands, so I showed her this pair and she bought them.  

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Milk Paint Vintage Cabinet with OFMP

It's time again for furniture make-overs at The Fab Furniture Flipping' Contest!  
June's theme is Shabby Storage and is sponsored by Old Fashioned Milk Paint

I found an old cooler/pie safe cabinet  at the the Flea Market and knew it would be perfect for storage in my new bathroom.  


The cabinet is well built and the perfect shape and size to for my bathroom, but it was pretty grungy and needed a make-0ver.  I wanted to make it have a layered look with milk paint, so I first painted the entire cabinet in Bayberry Green by the Old Fashioned Milk Paint.  Since the cabinet was dry and old there was little chipping, which was what I wanted.  The get the next color to chip off and reveal the undercoat, I rubbed candle wax on random spots and all the edges.  The wax creates a natural barrier and the paint doesn't stick.  I wanted a soft beachy blue for the next color, so I mixed Federal Blue with Oyster White to get the color I wanted.  I painted the cabinet with two coats of paint and then using my scrapper I scrapped off the flakes and got the chippiness I was going for. 
The last step was to seal the cabinet with clear wax and add a crystal knob.  

Boxwood Wreath 

Love the crackle! 

You can see the 3 layers (white, green, blue) 

New Knob

Plenty of Storage

You can see the original screen to keep things cool

Love the layers of paint 

I am very happy with how my cabinet turned out! 
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