Saturday, January 31, 2015

Transforming an old Attic Vent

A few weeks ago while hunting for treasures I found this old attic vent and loved the shape of it.  
The vent is made of wood and defiantly needed some TLC.  I gave it a good scrub and then mixed up some home-made chalk paint in a soft beachy green with a hint of aqua.  After the paint dried I got out my hand sander and sanded off some of the green to have both the white and the original wood show.  

I added a Boxwood wreath for interest

I love the curved top of the vent 

This is my post from Instagram (dd_cottage_and_design)
Thursday, January 29, 2015

Dresser in Milk Paint

While driving through my neighborhood last week I spotted a yard sale and of course went to check it out.  I found this  potentially cute dresser and brought it home. 
It was a well made vintage dresser that was all dinged and scratched up, but ready for a new look.  I thought this dresser would look good in a chippy milk paint so I mixed together a few of Miss Mustard Seeds milk paints in her blues for a custom color.  I wanted the top to be natural wood, so I sanded the top and stained it with AS dark wax and some hemp oil.  After painting a few coats of milk paint the chippy magic happened and I scraped the loose chips off and sealed the dresser with dark wax/hemp oil.  The final step was adding glass knobs ( to the dresser to give it a little pizazz! 

Looking good with some pink! 

Chippy Goodness

You can see some of the variations in the milk paint here-love that part of milk paint! 

Natural Wood Top 

New Glass knobs

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Finds of the Week #30

I found some great treasures this past week picking through the thrift stores, Flea Market, and yard sales.  

This gorgeous little French seat is my favorite  find of the week.
I am trying to decide on what color to re-uhpolster it in-any ideas?

Large Aqua Platter

Not sure what these are, but I am going to make them into lamps

French Bistro Chair-needs some TLC

The lady I got these 3 chairs from said they were from France

Old wooden Vent 

Old Dresser

French Provincial Dresser/buffet

Gorgeous headboard that needs some serious help and care

Saturday, January 24, 2015

My Take on a Frenchy Chest

I have a client who wanted me to "DDize" her chest.  I have done other painting jobs for her, so she let me do my thing. 
She had the chest in her shop for about 9 months without any interest so she knew it was time for a change.

First I sanded down the top and sealed it with AS dark wax and hemp oil ( it was pretty shiny and scratched up).  

I decided that the chest had a French feel, so I mixed up a very light aqua chalk paint and got to painting.  I wanted to highlight the details and I did this by dipping my finger in gilding wax and rubbing it on the raised detailed edges.  The next step was to seal the dresser and deepen the aqua a bit by brushing on hemp oil/dark wax.  As I was rubbing off the excess oil/wax mixture I also rubbed the gold off and I wanted this to happen for a more aged patina. 

 My client was very pleased and she took it right to her shop! 

Gilding wax

I love how the wax ages the piece

Gorgeous legs

I love the side detail 

Natural Wood Top