Monday, March 30, 2015

Giving a tray a Beach/Shabby makeover and some character

Last week I found a wooden tray with a bad paint spray job. 

I wanted to do a fast and easy project while my daughter was doing homework, so the tray and my paints came out.  I used  paint from The Urban Rooster  and painted on two  coats.  After the paint had dried (dinner cooked while the paint was drying---multi-tasking for sure here!) I distressed the tray and then sealed it with dark wax and hemp oil.  I love how it is now a beachy/shabby tray.  

Cut Hydrangea from my garden 

Layers of paint and dark wax

Giving this little tray some character! 

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Finds of the Week #34

I still managed to go hunt for treasures in between choosing bath tile, hardwood flooring, faucets, showers and all the other fun things to decide when in a major remodel/addition.  Here are my treasures from the week: 
Chippy Aqua enamel colander 

Green Mason Jar

Shoe shine box-love the color! 

Tin sign 

Old window 


Griansack Fabric 

Shabby Linens 

Green tray

Furniture with potential!

I think I was feeling the "GREEN" this week with all my buys! 
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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Gorgeous in Green

A few weeks ago I found this very UGLY dresser at the Flea Market and since it had such an awful paint job it was going for a very good price.
Someone had done a very poor job of spray painting the dresser and it had mismatch knobs.  The good thing about this dresser was that it was very well made by Dixie.  After a quick wipe down and a light sand I got out my chalky paint.  I had bought Avocado by   The Urban Rooster   and decided that this was the dresser to try it on.  After 2 coats of paint I sealed/aged it with dark wax and hemp oil.  I loved the original knobs, but 2 were missing.  The problem with the knobs and the wholes were that they were not a standard size.  Had I figured this out before I painted ( note to self to measure before I paint!) I would have filled in the holes and drilled new ones.  I knew that Derrick at   D. Lawless Hardware   could help me out.  I found some great wooden pulls that would fit and so I ordered them .  When they arrived I painted/waxed them and then drilled my holes and attached them to my dresser.  Thanks  D. Lawless Hardware !

New Pulls 

The tray was a project I did yesterday and will post about it soon

Aged with dark wax

Love my Ironstone soup tureen! 

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

How to add Patina to a vase

While all the LOUD construction was going in my house, I went to the Goodwill and found 4 vases that I thought could be pretty with a little help.  I liked the shape and the details on them. 

 The finish on the vases were rough, so I knew that paint would stick well.  I painted 2 of them in AS pure white and the the other pair in a home made grey chalk paint.  I made sure the paint was a little thicker then usual so it would give the vases depth and character.  I dried the paint with a hair drier (trying to get some crackle) and then added the aging/patina by rubbing on AS dark wax.  

I added some fresh  flowers from TJ's and called it a day! 

I purposely made my paint strokes go all different ways so that the wax would have more grooves to settle into and add character. 

Sitting pretty on my dinning room table