Friday, February 27, 2015

Pretty in Pink

Let me start by saying I am not usually a "Pink" kind of girl, but right now pink is looking very pretty to me.  I think because Spring is starting to show up here, I am seeing pink and loving it.  
View to the Living Room 

My dinning table 

Pink Spring Mantle 

Hydrangea and rust

Fresh Flowers from the Market

Anyone else feeling Springy and Pink?

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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

French Provincial Highboy Dresser

This is a quick post about a quick project I did 2 days ago for a client.  She dropped off her dresser and I painted it that same day and then she picked it up.  Since it was such a quick project I do not have a before picture and the photos I snapped were very quick and not very good, but here it is. 

I painted the dresser in white chalk paint (Garlic Clove by Benjamin Moore) and then sealed it with dark wax/hemp oil for the aged white look.  My client loved it and it is now in her shop looking for a new home. 

Monday, February 23, 2015

French Vanity

Last week I found this great Drexel vanity at the Flea market.  
When I was looking at the vanity a French aqua popped into my head with a little gold, so that is what I went with.  I mixed up a custom soft Frenchy Aqua by taking 1 part Jaded Roster (  The Urban Rooster ) and mixing it to 4 parts white.  After painting 2 coats, I added some gilding past in gold with my finger and a fine tipped artist brush.  I wanted the details to pop and I knew they would naturally get rubbed off when I sealed the vanity with dark wax/hemp oil.  This mixture took off too much of the gold in places, so I did a touch up with my finger before calling it finished.  

Aqua and gold

Gilding wax in gold

Pink Tulips 

Gorgeous Legs 

I love the detail on this mirror I picked up at the Flea Market 

Great Hardware

I love that the middle pops up with a mirror and storage! 

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Saturday, February 21, 2015

A Crown and a Candlestick

This week while at the Goodwill I stumbled across a couple of pieces that I thought could be stunners.  

I painted them both with Garlic Clove by Benjamin Moore home-made chalk paint and then aged them with hemp oil/dark wax.  The last step was to rub on some gold gilding wax with my finger.