Thursday, April 30, 2015

French Grey Bed

Last week  my friend had this bed that she did not want, but she did want a few vintage pieces I had so we swapped. 
This pictures makes the bed look like it is in better shape then it was really-lots of dings, scratches and discoloration 

I thought this bed would look good in a light Frenchy Grey, so I mixed Smokey Ash and Marshmallow Cream by  The Urban Rooster  until I got the color I was envisioning.  After I painted two coats of grey I hand painted the details in the Marshmallow Cream and then distressed.   The last step was to seal and age the bed by using AS dark wax and Tung oil.  

I was planning on taking staged photos for my blog of the bed, but my neighbor saw me painting the bed in my front yard and she bought it for her daughter before I could take more photos.  Luckily I did snap a few! 

I love the details!

The curved foot board is my favorite part of the bed! 

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Victrola Cabinet Re-Do

A few weeks ago I found this vintage Victrola cabinet on CL and it appealed to me so I brought it home.  

 The cabinet had seen better days that's for sure!  After a good clean I painted it with a custom color using chalk paint from  The Urban Rooster .  Since the wood was old and dry it only took 2 coats of paint.  I had painted the little detail in the front with white chalk paint and then I sealed the cabinet with dark wax and tung oil.  

I love the swag detail in the front 

New knob

The top opens up and I think this is were the record went 

I think this is were the amplifying horn went  

I think this would be a great bar or bathroom cabinet 

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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Beachy Shabby Windows

I found a pair of triangular windows at the Flea Market a while ago and they have been sitting in my workshop ignored.  
I decided it was time to do something with them. 
The windows were not bad before just a little dirty and boring  I thought.  First I painted the windows with some green chalk paint that I had concocted for another project and then I painted the pair with Jaded Rooster mixed with  Marshmallow Cream chalk paint from  The Urban Rooster.   I wanted the green and some of the white to show in places so I did rub some wax between the paint layers so the distressing was easy.  

A Boxwood wreath always looks good

A Pop of Pink

You can see a little of the green and white layers 

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Little Green Chest

This little chest of drawers has been sitting in the back of my workshop covered by other things for a long time and I finally got around to doing something with it.
The chest of drawers is very sturdy and well made, but needed a makeover so I pulled out Avocado by  The Urban Rooster  and started the transformation.  After 2 coats of paint, I sealed the little chest with tung oil/dark wax and it became a cheerful cutie.  

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Transforming a vintage window into a Chalkboard Calendar/Planner

Lately I have had this thing for vintage windows and I have been falling in love with them and bringing them home.  I found this vintage window at the Flea Market and loved its vertical lines.  
 When I saw this frame I thought of a weekly calendar and got to work.  I bought a piece of thin mahogany at the local lumber store and then painted it with The Urban Rooster    chalkboard paint.  To season it, I rubbed chalk on the board and then wiped it off.  I nailed the wood on to the back of the frame with small nails.  My next step was to pull out my chalkboard pens and write on the chalkboard the days of the week and shopping list/to-do list.  

I love the old chippiness of the frame 

I think this would be a great planner for the week to keep the family/kids organized-and its cute! 

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