Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Potters Cottage Green desk

Another Flea Market Special!  I found this great desk and had to buy it.  If you read my blog you know I have this thing for furniture and painting it.  
Love the hardware!
I forgot to take a before picture until I was half way done taking the drawers out--ha ha-you would think I would know by now, but..................
The top could use some TLC
I was picturing a nice springy green for the desk so I mixed up my own color ( I am calling it Potters Cottage Green because it reminds me of a green I saw on an old potting table) and made home-made chalk paint and started to paint away.  
After finishing painting the desk I decided it was a little plain and needed something else, so I mixed up a coco wash.   For the wash I added a little coco paint and then added two times the water so I had  a very watered down brown color.

I also had on hand just plain water so I could "wash" off and darker places or drips.  I made sure my paint brush was  wet and then I dipped it in the wash and painted over the piece.
Before the wash:
After the wash is on the drawer:
 Wiped off with a rag:
Here is the difference between a drawer with the wash and one without:
It is a subtle difference but it adds dimension and interest in my opinion and is quick and easy.  While I have the water and rag I wet distress the piece.
I then waxed the desk with clear wax to seal the paint.

I think this picture best represents the green color.
I re-did the mirror as well and will be writing about it this week

Love it!

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  1. I have this exact little desk in my living room! My parents bought it for my bedroom when I was a little girl, and my mother "antiqued" it with white paint and glaze. When I moved out as an adult, I spent hours and hours stripping that paint off and restaining it, and that's how it's been now for many, many years. I've always wondered how it would look painted a cute vintage color, and now I know! I just adore your little green desk. Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. love the desk and i would love to feature it, if that would be ok please let me know,

  3. Beautiful desk..Do you paint furniture for your home or for re-sale...you do an amazing job!