Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Golden Cane Chair

Frenchy Cane Chair

I saw this chair at the Flea Market and had to have it!  The cane on the seat was all in tack and I loved the details on the legs.  The chair needed some work, but I was in love so it came home with me.

 Here is the before:
I mixed up a home-made golden-yellow chalk paint and painted away.  I  distressed the chair  and applied AS dark wax.  After looking at it I decided it needed a little bit more of something, so I pulled out my Rub n Buff in gold and applied some with an art brush.  The gold really blends in because of the base color and dark wax.  It looks old and aged just like I like it!

It's now for sell!


  1. Until it sells, sitting there with the sweet flowers is perfect for it.

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