Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Boxwood Farm desk/table

I found this great farm desk/table at the local thrift store and loved it so in to the car it went.  I had just ordered Miss Mustard Seed's Boxwood Green Milk Paint and I thought this would be a great piece to try it on.

This picture is actually after I had sanded and waxed the top.  I forget to take a before picture sometimes.  I waxed the top with AS dark wax and love how smooth it felt!
After a few coats of Boxwood and some clear wax I was done--

Love the chippy finish and the gorgeous green!


  1. OH wow, this might be my favorite so far. I like this shade of green, but I also like how you left the wood with a natural look on top.

  2. I love your table, both the design, and the beautiful color! Great job!

  3. Beautiful! Great find and wonderful redo!

  4. How did you get the design into the drawer? It looks from the before picture like the drawer was smooth before, did you cut the design in yourself? I really like it!!