Thursday, December 5, 2013
French Dresser:
I go to our local Flea Market on Friday mornings and I always find some good things.  I go with one of my good friends and we talk and pick and discover.  It is one of the things I look forward to in my week.
 I found this great dresser that was covered in glossy brown paint, but it had so much potential and it was a great price.  The seller even delivered it to my house-I buy from him every week.  :


 The dresser had veneer damage on the top so I got out my tools and went to work.  I used a Spackle knife and a hammer and chipped away the old veneer. I know there are many ways to get old veneer off, but this one seems to work the best for me as long as I am careful. 

I wanted to paint the dresser in 2 colors and light grey and white were the colors I saw in my head for this dresser.  I pulled out my paints and mixed up my own chalk paint in the color I was envisioning.
After a couple of coats of grey, I hand painted to the details in white and waxed. I then added new crystal knobs and I was in love!

 This dresser sold in less then a day!

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  1. Hi Dariëlle, coming over from Petite Michelle Louise's blog. Your dresser turned out beautifully. No wonder it was sold so quick :) Happy Grey Dey Thursdey! Hugs, Wendy