Monday, December 9, 2013

Chippy Gentleman's Chest of Drawers

I found this great Gentleman's chest of drawers at my local Flea Market and thought it was so interesting and had a lot of potential.  I love how the top opens up as a compartment for hats and then there are 3 smaller drawers on the side.  The bottom 3 drawers are large and can hold lots of things.  I snatched this piece up fast after a bit of haggling!

Here is the before picture:

The dresser had 10 knobs and one was broken and I did not like the knobs in the first place, so I needed to come up with a low cost solution.  I have a stash of extra knobs, but I did not have 10 that matched or that I thought looked good so.........

I went to the Hardware store and found some knobs for $1.28.  They were not a good color but they had good details, were cheap and metal so I bought 10 and headed home.  My idea was to paint them-- so I got out my white homemade chalk paint and gave the knobs a quick coat of paint.  I quickly rubbed off the paint with a cloth and the white paint was left in the ridges.  I love the knobs now!
I mixed up MMS Eulie's Sky Milk Paint and let the chippy magic happen:
After a few coats of paint I got out my scraper and went to town!  I also did a quick sanding to make the dresser smooth and to get the last flakes off.  Next came AS clear wax and it was done.
Love it!
This unique dresser is now for sale!


  1. Beautifully done, Darrielle!! Isn't that paint so much fun to use? And the patina you created on the knobs is just perfect! Great job!!! :)

    xoxo laurie

  2. perfection - chippy wonderfulness!! love how you let it shine in it's rustic glory!


  3. I just want to touch this beauty. Love all the chippy goodness and the patina you achieved.

  4. Beautiful as always! You do amazing jobs! I couldn't be your follower, I couldn't find the gadget. Do you use bloglovin?