Saturday, December 7, 2013

Cane Backed Blue French Chair

French Chair:
I love chairs!  When I am out picking and spot a chair I have to check it out.  I love the chairs with great details in the legs, arms and the back.  I have way to many chairs in my workshop.  The thing I do not like about chairs is when I have to reupholster them and take out the million staples.  It definitely helps to have the right tools, but I still hate removing the staples!
I found this great chair at the Flea Market and couldn't wait to bring it home and make it beautiful.

 The cane back was in perfect condition and the legs had great details.


I stripped off the old fabric and took out the million staples.  This took me about 45 mins.  I saved the old fabric as a pattern for the new fabric. I decided to go with a light blue toile fabric that I had in my stash (my fabric stash is whole story by itself!).  I cut the fabric and used my staple gun to reupholster the new fabric. I then mixed up some MMS Linen milk paint and painted the wooden chair frame.  After the paint dried I got out my Spackle knife and scraped away.  I  love the chippiness!  Clear wax came next and then I was done!

Finished chair!


  1. Oh, what a fantastic chair. And, I love the little green stool next to the chair too.

  2. Gorgeous makeover!!! What a beauty you have made of this chair. Love the chippiness and the soft blue.

  3. Your chair is just beautiful--I love the white and blue together.

  4. Beautiful! Thank you for going to detail on the steps. Very heful.

  5. Great job! Looks like it wore naturally!

  6. LOVE the toile and the distressing! You are a master!

  7. Love the chair, great color blue. Don't you just love having a fabric stash to choose from. I have a couple of these chairs to tackle this winter and I love the paint you chose. Alaina